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The company’s proprietor is William Fritsch. He goes by the name Will. The company is soley run by Will and, so, his name is in the title of the business. For the ancients you – in terms of psyche, or phren, or animus, or anima – accept or reject appearances, presentations, or – for their term – phantasiai or visi. All the ancients understand deliberation to have the goal or telos, its terminus ad quem, to be choice. The will or volitional faculty has either denial or acceptance of appearances or presentations of how things appear or seem to look. Since thinking starts with this foundational disjunct, and since tutoring lessons must also, I start the name of my company with the faculty that allows for the disjunct. Plato’s Socrates says, at 314E of Protagoras, that, unless there is a doctor concerning matters of the soul, there are risks of injury or beneficence to one’s life. This is true. Frauds and educational scams regarding lessons do exist and most are this. So, if you are seeking lessons, make sure that you do not get robbed! The company’s prime mover is to provide quality tutoring lessons for reasonable rates that each client may think worthy of another’s choice and, thus, refer us to another for similar services. The industry background of tutoring as a service has its roots at the dawn of civilization, notably with Aristotle as the paradigmatic tutor of Alexander the Great, teaching his pupil curricula of wide breadth and vast scope, ultimately leading to success in terms of the pupil’s intentions. Tutoring continued through the Renaissance and brought attention to the correspondence form (e.g., Descartes and Princess Elizabeth’s tutoring via epistolary exchange on metaphysical topics such as the possibility of mind-body dualism). Those paradigms of tutoring as service, however, are not reliable for understanding how tutoring works today qua service for high school students (and WillTutor’s customers are usually grades 9-12).

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